Wolves Cross Country Competes at MGA Invitational

The Wesleyan Wolves competed in their first competition of the season on Saturday morning. The MGA Invitational hosted twelve female cross country teams from across the southeast. The Wolves fought through some adversity during the race but their wolf like tenacity allowed them to fight through and finish. Lead by Senior Chyla Brown (47th) with a time of 27:46, the Wolves lead many other strong programs on personal run times. 

"I am very proud of our athletes this morning. The weather was very hot even though it was early in the morning and some of our runners had to struggle with that. Senior Katherine Neal struggled today with some discomfort during the race but she pulled through to finish. These girls never let me down. Freshman Sarah Wise ran in her first competition in almost two years and did very well considering that fact. This was a great first competition to gauge where we are as a program and see where we need the most work. Very eye opening for some of our runners. We will get to where we need to be, no doubt about that. Again, I am very proud of our finish today," Head Coach Jonathan Long said after the race. 

The Wolves will compete again on Saturday, September 21 at Georgia Southern. 

Race Results: 

Chyla Brown (47th)      27:46

Marilynn NeSmith (69)  31:55

Sarah Wise (73)           34:47

Tyler Walker (78)          44:27

Katherine Neal (79)      50:21