Wolves Continue to Upgrade Athletic Facilities

Wolves Continue to Upgrade Athletic Facilities

During the Spring of 2019, Athletics Director Penny Siqueiros set out to reimagine the Wesleyan Student Athlete Lounge, lovingly known as The Wolves Den, into something that the entire student body would want to enjoy and be a part of. For years the space has been a place where students could sometimes come and relax yet the area was void of excitement and purpose. By adding new furniture, arcade style games, vending machines, and board games, Coach Siqueiros noticed more and more students beginning to enjoy the space. She began talking with some members of the student body and came to realize that many on campus felt that the Wolves Den was only a place for athletes. 

Mission accepted. 

The athletics staff began to brainstorm and discuss ideas with students as well as student-athletes and continued in their attempt to help build team spirit and comaraderie by making the Wolves Den a place for all to enjoy. Over the summer months, brand new flooring in the foyer and common area was laid, new arcade style games were added, as well as an all new look to the walls and Wolves Den entry way. The project is approximately 90% complete with still more great things to be added. 

When asked why the drastic facelift was needed, Coach Siqueiros says, "We are very excited to announce Wesleyan Athletics has invested close to $500,000 in their athletic department recently.  Thanks in large part to several private donors, we have been able to make upgrades to each athletic venue.  This is a true expression of Wesleyan's commitment to turning the page from mediocre facilities within our conference to top tier.  From a recruiting standpoint we have yielded the largest and most talented class in the history of Wesleyan Athletics.  Its no secret that great facilities are appealing to top level athletes, and Wesleyan understands this.  Additionally, we have renovated our athletic offices and added the WOLVES DEN, a hip space where athletes can game, ski-ball, play retro style arcade games, or watch movies while relaxing on our floating chairs.  Its a new ERA for Wesleyan, we are beyond excited!"

The remaining upgrades are scheduled to be completed before students return in mid-August.